Patio Decor

Patio Decor

You will be pleased with a variety of items perfect for enhancing the appearance and functionally of your home. wind chimes , sun faces and moon faces, metal planters, lanterns, party lights, and umbrella lights, BBQ accessories and wood chips, concrete planters & fountains.

Cushions and pillows will be the thing that pops out from your new patio furniture and what better way to catch peoples eyes than carefully picked cushions and pillows from our wide selection here at Patio Shop - Fireplace Center


Don't let the seasons control when you enjoy your outdoor living space. Patio Shop - Fireplace Center offers a wide selection of Patio Heaters to make sure you enjoy your perfect patio that we helped you create throughout the whole year.

Patio Heaters

Seasons aren't the only thing that can put a damper on the evenings. Patio Shop - Fireplace Center wants to make sure whether it's a little rain or maybe you need a shady spot from cooking all day, that you can still enjoy your outdoor living...