If you are looking for a heat efficient, extremely cozy and great-looking wood stove, the Lopi brand wood stove may be the best bet for you. Stop by the Fireplace Center and Patio Shop in Amarillo, Texas and explore the different models made by the Lopi brand. Made in both steel and cast iron models, the Lopi wood stove is highly efficient and built to last.


Lopi Wood Stove Products

At your Amarillo, Texas Fireplace Center and Patio Shop you’ll find a great selection of Lopi stoves.

The wood burning models are traditional and charming, providing you with the perfect amount of natural heat in the most efficient manner. The Lopi stove is designed to allow for large wood logs (up to 24 inches) and the stove is designed to burn cleanly for up to ten hours. From a small sitting room to a large family room, these models of wood stoves are great for any setting. Here are just a few types of models offered by the Lopi brand:
“Answer” Model Stove – a compact, great looking wood stove by the Lopi brand designed for smaller sitting areas – this stove burns cleanly and efficiently.

Lopi’s “1250” & “1750” Models – These classic wood stove models by Lopi are designed to heat larger spaces (1200 square feet for the 1250 model, and 2000 square feet for the 1750 model).

Keep your entire house warm! "Cape Cod” Cast Iron Stove – This model operates at over 80% efficiency – burning just enough wood needed and saving you trips to the woodpile. It heats evenly and looks great! A top choice. Stop by Fireplace Center and Patio Shop to learn more! Green Ignition” by Lopi All models of Lopi stoves can come equipped with the awesome “Green Start Ignition” system. With this feature, you can load your wood-burning stove with logs, close the door and just press a button to ignite your stove. This cool feature makes your wood stove safer, more efficient and definitely more modern.

Choose the Lopi Brand for Your Next Wood Stove.

When picking out your next wood stove at your local fireplace center and patio shop in Amarillo, make sure to browse the latest selection from the Lopi brand. Made in the USA of high quality materials like steel and cast iron, these great looking and efficient stoves are sure to please. Make your sitting room more charming, your home more welcoming and keep your guests and family warm all season long with a Lopi wood stove.

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