With a variety of fuel options and high efficiency performance, Quadra-Fire® fireplace products add a beautiful, classic look to any room. From a rustic piece like a freestanding wood stove to a more modern piece like an outdoor-gas fireplace… Quadra-Fire® is a great brand to enhance your living space. Stop by your Amarillo, Texas Fireplace Center and Patio Shop today to learn more about these great products.


Quadra-Fire Stoves

Rustic Stoves from Quadra-Fire®

Freestanding stoves are a rustic and traditional addition to any home. Whether in a lakeside cabin or a ranch style home, these classically designed stoves will give your space a charming, cozy feel. Available in wood burning, pellet or gas burning models, there is a freestanding stove to fit any type of lifestyle.

Wood Stoves

The most comforting and classic option, a wood stove is a timeless piece. Quadra-Fire® offers a large variety of designs, colors, sizes and styles to fit nearly every taste. Try the “Adventure” version for a sleek, simple design or the “Explorer” model for a rustically classic look.

Pellet Stoves

Burning a variety of pellet fuels (corn, wheat, wood pellets), pellet stoves are energy efficient and eco-friendly. Pellet stoves give off large amounts of heat with little energy expelled. These stoves come in various models including the traditional “Mt. Vernon” design or the elegant “Classic Bay.” Great for heating the entire home or cabin.

Gas Stoves

In a small space, a freestanding gas stove can heat the room evenly and efficiently. Models from Quadra-Fire® like the “Hudson Bay” or “Sapphire” gas stoves can give any space a charming new look.

Indoor and Outdoor Fireplace Solutions

With a wood burning fireplace from Quadra-Fire®, you’ll enjoy long burning times, high efficiency and an extremely well heated room or outdoor space. Indoor models like the “7100” wood fireplace produce beautiful flames and are great for everyday use. If you are looking for an outdoor fireplace unit for your backyard patio or terrace, choose a model like the “Montana” wood fireplace. This classic outdoor hearth is designed to withstand weather with durable stainless steel construction and great drain channels.

Fireplace Insert Models from Quadra-Fire®

Upgrade your existing fireplace hearth with an insert from Quadra-Fire®. Available in wood, pellet or gas burning options, you can decide on a style and fuel source that fits your needs and your budget. Replace an open, drafty hearth with an updated fireplace insert that is built to last for years to come. Stop by your local fireplace center and patio shop to discover fireplace models from Quadra-Fire® that fit your Amarillo, Texas home. Deck out your backyard patio with an inviting fire, upgrade your living room with a cozy stove and relax in the beautiful ambiance of the dancing flames and comforting warmth.

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