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Rassumsen Gas Logs

There is nothing quite as dramatic as a fireplace.

If you have a gas fireplace that you don't use much because it's rather boring - changing out the logs can make a world of difference. Modern alternatives. you may not even know that you have options and alternatives for your gas fireplace. When you choose Rasmussen gas log sets from. Fireplace Center-Patio Shop in Amarillo, you can change it up a bit and add the most unique look to your fireplace. All of the fireplace log sets are made of high-heat resistant ceramic-bonded refractory material. So, no matter which style you choose - rest assured they will last and burn better than any you have had in the past: The natural log look, FireBalls™, Rustic FireBalls™, FireShapes™, FireStones™, FireGlitter™.
Natural looking logs.These logs are for all types of gas fireplaces - vented or unvented fireplace. No matter what you choose, you will see more of the beautiful flame than you do with regular logs. The Traditional series of solid front logs gives you the more classical log look. These logs come in varieties such as white birch, frosted oak and even pine cones. You can have the look of everything from an evening camp or bonfire to a romantic glow.


The Alterna™ series offers new and modern looks of FireBalls™, Rustic FireBalls™, FireShapes™, FireStones™ and even FireGlitter™.FireBalls consist of various sizes of ceramic-bonded material. Choose a mixture of sizes, or all of the same size balls. Rustic FireBalls™ are textured and have a weathered appearance. They come in Coal, Pewter and Rust.These come in various sizes as well. Whatever fits your personal style.

If you really want to make a statement in your Amarillo home - FireShapes™ may be what you're looking for.

These shapes have a contemporary look and modern flair. They come in black, white, dark and light gray, beige, brown and adobe red. The shapes are round, square, cylindrical and more.Another contemporary to rustic look is the FireStones™. They give a clean, simplistic look that many find attractive. They are available in a mixture of colors - white, black, beige; white, black, light gray; and black, light gray, beige, brown, white and adobe red.Last but certainly not least is the FireGlitter™. This burner is designed with high-temperature glass.Glass gives a new look and unforgettable look to any gas fireplace.

Change the look of your fireplace by changing the look of your fireplace you will create a new atmosphere to your room.

From contemporary to traditional, and every look in between, you will enjoy your fireplace and use it more often. Rasmussen products aren't available everywhere. Visit Fireplace Center, Amarillo to see how you can turn your fireplace into a show piece.

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