You may notice the interesting looking Big Green Egg as you walk through your local patio and outdoor shop – and wonder how this interesting looking grill works. If you’re ready for something new when it comes to outdoor grilling – check out the Big Green Egg. The Green Egg is the only ceramic Kamado charcoal grill that provides so many outdoor grilling experiences.

Big Green Egg

Patio Shop - Fireplace Center Big Green Egg Grills

The ingenious way the Big Green Egg works

The Big Green Egg is the number one cooking device of its kind. It performs flawlessly and can be used for decades. Distributed by many patio and outdoor stores, the Big Green Egg is the largest producer of this high-quality ceramic Kamado-style charcoal grill. State-of-the-art ceramics are used when making each Egg. You will appreciate the stainless-steel cooking grid as well as a porcelain glaze that is permanent and easy to clean.

Why a Big Green Egg?

No matter what type of outdoor cooking you want to do – the Big Green Egg is ready for any challenge. The flavor of your meals will be enhanced and you will be able to try recipes you never thought possible. Your culinary abilities will soar – as well as the fun you will have while learning new techniques. The Egg doesn’t just let you grill in the traditional manner – but gives you other options to create exceptional and creative meals.


You can get perfect grill marks as you grill steaks, burgers or pork chops - fast and easy. The Egg has two dampers that will give you accurate heat control to get your meat cooked to perfection. Don’t worry about fish or seafood drying out as they sometimes do on regular grills. They turn out tender and moist for the delight of your guests.


If you’ve never thought about baking on an outdoor grill – you are in for a treat. When you have an Egg, you can bake bread, cook pizza and even casseroles. You may decide to give up your indoor oven altogether. With the Big Green Egg, food retains heat and moisture and tastes better because none of the juices are lost.


You will be able to control the temperature on your Big Green Egg because of the insulating ceramics. Even at very low heat, your smoked meat will taste like it was professionally smoked. You will be able to infuse your choice of wood smoke flavor to enhance your smoked meat. If your recipe calls for slow cooking at a low heat – the Big Green Egg won’t let you down.

Safe and easy to use

Extremely safe to use, the Big Green Egg boasts a ceramic surface that won’t get as hot as a traditional metal grill. The ceramic firebox is inside the base, and most of the heat remains there. Easy to clean without chemicals, you won’t dread cleaning up after you cook your delicious meals. Any grease build-up burns away inside the firebox – just like your self-cleaning oven. There is very little ash build-up.

An Egg that fits every need

Eggs come in a variety of sizes. If you have a large family or entertain frequently – a large one may be your choice. If your cooking needs are for a small number – you will be able to find a smaller one that will serve your purpose. Whatever size you need – visit your outdoor patio store to see how you can get the most out of your outdoor cooking experiences with a Big Green Egg.